Overview of Sticky Bandits: Wild Return Slot

According to our Sticky Bandits: Wild Return slot review, this game is another installment in a popular Quickspin series. Prepare to return to the Wild West by stowing your weapons and mounting your horses.



As is the case with many Quickspin games, Sticky Bandits: Wild Return has a few peculiar rules. Features such as an additional row and a game within a game are examples of those that create a unique gaming experience. In our slot game review we’ll be looking at:


The game’s sights and acoustics are captivating (it even has its own theme music)

Variations on the conventional 5×3 slot game, including the Huge Symbols feature

If this game’s relatively low payout is worth the grind.


Use Huge Symbols


Some symbols on the reels cover 2×2 or 3×3 positions to assist players.


Sticky wilds at the casino


They occur in the bonus round when Lucky Shots hit Huge Symbols.


Bonus Chips Fast Slot


A minigame that grants up to a 500x multiplier.


Consider 40 paylines


Even during regular play, there are plenty opportunities to win.



Mini-game and free spins are available.

Many wins throughout ordinary play Outstanding theme, visuals, and audio

Sticky Wilds are quite profitable.


Not among the largest jackpots available

Sometimes, 3-symbol win amounts are close to the wager.

Not enough free spins are available.

Key Features Review of Sticky Bandits: Wild Return


Sticky Bandits: Wild Return Slot Game Instructions

The layout of the Sticky Bandits: Wild Return slot machine is immediately distinctive. You are relieved of the 5×3 standard of most video slot machines. It is a graphically intriguing game due to its Huge Symbols and 5×4 layout; this is also true of its other graphic aspects. The game includes animated symbols and a saloon-themed background behind the reels.


Because to the set amount of 40 paylines, learning how to play the game is simple. Set your total wager each spin using the orange arrows before you begin. Before beginning play, you should also review the game’s paytable. After doing so, click Spin to begin trying your luck.


Generally speaking, victories are not difficult to obtain. This varies from session to session, however the Lucky Shot extra feature is always advantageous. It is useful for increasing your bankroll and erasing prior losses. Further information about the game’s bonus rounds will be discussed later.


We cannot attest to the authenticity of a Wild West saloon, but this game brings it to life. Sticky Bandits: Wild Return excels in capturing the idea and creating excitement.


Sticky Bandits: Jackpots and Bonuses for Wild Returns

Strangely, Sticky Bandits: Wild Return’s largest jackpot does not occur during ordinary play. Only available during the Fast Slot bonus round. In this bonus, you can win up to 500 times your initial wager. It is activated when a Fast Slot symbol appears on reel five. At Max Bet, the largest win amounts to a staggering 50,000.


All of this is contrary to traditional play. At the maximum wager, five Female Bandit symbols or Wilds will pay out 1,000 coins. With 40 active paylines, this equates to a theoretical maximum payment of 40,000. In the Lucky Shot bonus round, your odds of winning a substantial sum are likely to be at their highest. This consists of seven free spins during which the Lucky Shots feature transforms Bandit symbols into Sticky Wilds and other symbols into standard Wilds. This bonus round is activated when Bandit icons occur.


This feature is excellent, yet it has one detracting quality. Nearing the conclusion of a round, the reels frequently begin to load up with Sticky Wilds. Regrettably, such is the result of random chance. Sticky Bandits: Wild Return contains exciting additional features, but the game’s primary prize may not excite veteran slot gamers.


Wild Return Sticky Bandits Mobile Options

The bulk of Quickspin’s games are mobile-friendly. If you want to play the Sticky Bandits: Wild Return mobile slot, all you have to do is visit a reputable mobile casino. Nonetheless, we suggest you examine the following before proceeding.


Obviously, this exciting sequel to Sticky Bandits looks incredible. On mobile, however, the numerous UI buttons and dense 5×4 layout can feel cramped. Obviously, this is more true for smartphone gaming than for tablet gaming.


We still strongly suggest playing Sticky Bandits: Wild Return on an iPhone or Android smartphone. Be careful that the gameplay may feel somewhat confined. The remainder of the mobile version operates flawlessly and looks fantastic.



From Where’s the Gold to Dead or Alive, there are numerous slots with a Wild West theme that you may enjoy. Sticky Bandits: Wild Return, with its 5×4 gameplay and thrilling bonuses, goes above and beyond the standard. We can confidently assert that this slot game is genuinely unique and innovative.


This does not mean that the game is flawless. We would like to see additional free spins and a higher main jackpot. Despite this, the game provides something truly unique. This saloon is an absolute must-visit for every slot machine enthusiast. Yee-haw!






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